No need to carry your ID if you are using Kalba - Maliha Road ( Use Google map route to reach our location).
All the roads to the dam are paved so, a regular Car “sedan” can be driven to our location.

If you don't have a car, its better to rent one.

Hatta Kayak opensEVERYDAY FROM

06:30am TO 05:30pm

Holidays and Ramadan: Same Timing

Any other inquiries about Hatta, please, call Dubai Tourism Call Center at 600555 559.

Be advised that there is no restrooms at Hatta Dam.
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We have more than 100 Kayaks enough for daily demand so, reservations are not needed.

Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

Exchanging boat with other person is not allowed.

It's NOT allowed to use any PRIVATE water sports equipment at Hatta Dam.

Any group over 50 persons  needs a reservation to avoid conflict with other groups.

Lockers are available and free at our location.

It's NOT allowed to get out of the boat during the trip.

Please secure your valuable items in your car. Hatta Kayak is not responsible for any lost or stolen items .

Infants are not allowed on any ride.

Climbing is not allowed around the Dam.

Swimming is not allowed by Law.

Children below 16 years old are not allowed on single Kayaks.

No Littering.

No Hunting / Killing Wildlife

No Picking Honey.

No Cutting / Removing Plants.

No Fishing.

No Bonfire.

Answers of most frequently asked questions

BBQ is not allowed around Hatta Dam.

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Camping is not allowed around the dam.

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Our Boats

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Hatta Kayak is a unique tourist destination in Dubai and UAE. The vast lake formed by Hatta Dam and its surrounding mountains is becoming so popular among those who seeks relaxation in a natural place and looks for a new experience of practicing kayak sport in UAE.

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